Visual Composer Starter theme review

What is the perfect theme to get your WordPress site started from scratch? A limited one or advanced multipurpose theme for every occasion? We have tried hundreds of different themes and came to the simple conclusion. It all comes down to how easy it is to understand it.

This concept does apply to both sides, the design of the theme it can produce and customization options that allow you to do this. If those two are in balance there is nothing holding you back. And if you are a novice WordPress user, you can not underestimate the importance of these two parts.

The first screenshot of Visual Composer Starter theme
The first screenshot of Visual Composer Starter theme

With this concept in our minds, we wanted to create something special that would allow lowering barrier for people to join the WordPress community. Yes, during this year we have been taking an active part in WP community and feel there is something we must give back instead.

As a phase one, we decided to release simple starter theme, available for free under GPL license.

What is Visual Composer Starter theme

Visual Composer Starter is a great way to start developing your WordPress website hassle free. We are proud to offer one of the easiest WordPress Customizer options on the market.

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At this stage, Visual Composer Starter has the very basic functionality you may need to start your website. This is not the place where you will find hundreds of options, and it never will.

The theme will grow over time, but our focus will always be keeping things fast and simple. For everything else, there is a plugin for this. We are not here to compete with premium WordPress themes, instead, we are offering a solid free theme as a starter.

Theme features

We have started with a few bold statements, but the truth is that you can not evaluate theme by the skill of our copywriters. You want to know the features and options behind the theme, so here we go.

Header and theme options

You can customize your site header by choosing between a standard top and sandwich type menus. Define header width, colors, and position to place it on top of the content or make it transparent.

Footer options

We all love widgets to be placed within footer, with Visual Composer Starter you can divide widgets into up to four column and manage these columns independently. Apart from that, there is a list of the most popular social networks to be added easily.

Visual Composer Starter theme footer
Visual Composer Starter theme footer with three column layout for widgets

Fonts and styles

While our theme comes with the awesome predefined style it is obvious you would like to change them. No worries, with WordPress Customizer you can style all headings, paragraphs and even have separate options for button styling.

Visual Composer Theme Customizer
Visual Composer theme customizer with heading, paragraph and button options


We have kept your mobile devices in our minds, the theme is fully responsive and will look good on any device.

WooCommerce support

Visual Composer Starter theme can support your e-commerce project. It is a fully WooCommerce ready theme with all the shop pages designed.

WordPress standards

One of the main goals was to make a theme that will be in a full compliance with official WordPress Codex. Once you stick to the guidelines you are able to avoid any conflicts with popular and well-developed plugins. Visual Composer Starter is a perfect fit for Visual Composer Website Builder per se.

Features and options to Come

This is the very first stage of our theme and we will be collecting your feedbacks to come up with a clear roadmap for further development. The roadmap of the theme will be public to everyone in order to follow and provide your valuable feedbacks and requests.

Download Visual Composer Starter

Our next goal is to upload Visual Composer Starter to WordPress theme repository, yet this is the process that takes time. We do not want to wait and keep you waiting any longer so we decided to offer it for download via our own infrastructure while keeping track on the theme review process as well.

No signups or registrations, all you have to do is click download button bellow. Instead, we ask for a favor to leave a feedback and help us improve.

Download Visual Composer Starter Theme