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Free WordPress theme by Visual Composer team with simplicity in mind.

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What is the perfect theme to get your WordPress site started from scratch? A limited one or advanced multipurpose theme for every occasion? We have tried hundreds of different themes and came to the simple conclusion. It all comes down to how easy it is to understand it.

This concept does apply to both sides, the design of the theme it can produce and customization options that allow you to do this. If those two are in balance there is nothing holding you back. And if you are a novice WordPress user, you can not underestimate the importance of these two parts.

The first screenshot of Visual Composer Starter theme
The first screenshot of Visual Composer Starter theme

With this concept in our minds, we wanted to create something special that would allow lowering barrier for people to join WordPress community. Yes, during this year we have been taking an active part in WP community and feel there is something we must give back instead. As a phase one, we decided to release simple starter theme, available for free under GPL license.

What is Visual Composer Starter Theme

Visual Composer Starter is a great way to start developing your WordPress website hassle free. We are proud to offer one of the easiest WordPress Customizer options on the market.

Visual Composer Starter theme has one of the easiest #WordPress theme Customizers. Click To Tweet

At this stage, Visual Composer Starter has the very basic functionality you may need to start your website. This is not the place where you will find hundreds of options, and it never will. The theme will grow over time, but our focus will always be keeping things fast and simple. For everything else, there is a plugin for this. We are not here to compete with premium WordPress themes, instead, we are offering a solid free theme as a starter.

Theme Features

We have started with a few bold statements, but the truth is that you can not evaluate theme by the skill of our copywriters. You want to know the features and options behind the theme, so here we go.

Header and Theme Options

You can customize your site header by choosing between a standard top and sandwich type menus. Define header width, colors, and position to place it on top of the content or make it transparent.

Footer Options

We all love widgets to be placed within footer, with Visual Composer Starter you can divide widgets into up to four column and manage these columns independently. Apart from that, there is a list of most popular social networks to be added easily.

Visual Composer Starter theme footer
Visual Composer Starter theme footer with three column layout for widgets

Fonts and Styles

While our theme comes with the awesome predefined style it is obvious you would like to change them. No worries, with WordPress Customizer you can style all headings, paragraphs and even have separate options for button styling.

Visual Composer Theme Customizer
Visual Composer theme customizer with heading, paragraph and button options


We have kept your mobile devices in our minds, the theme is fully responsive and will look good on any device.

WordPress Standards

One of the main goals was to make a theme that will be in a full compliance with official WordPress Codex. Once you stick to the guidelines you are able to avoid any conflicts with popular and well-developed plugins. Visual Composer Starter is a perfect fit for Visual Composer Website Builder per se.

Features and Options to Come

This is the very first stage of our theme and we will be collecting your feedbacks to come up with a clear roadmap for further development. The roadmap of the theme will be public to everyone in order to follow and provide your valuable feedbacks and requests.

Download Visual Composer Starter

Our next goal is to upload Visual Composer Starter to WordPress theme repository, yet this is the process that takes time. We do not want to wait and keep you waiting any longer so we decided to offer it for download via our own infrastructure while keeping track on theme review process as well.

No signups or registrations, all you have to do is click download button bellow. Instead, we ask for a favor to leave a feedback and help us improve.

Download Visual Composer Starter Theme

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  1. KChristoph ·

    Nice to see you !
    Fresh and clear ! I’m testing for awhile. >
    Thanks !
    It would be nice to have the easy chance changing the background with a picture/wallpaper …
    Have a wonderful time !
    By the way: I like this form !

      1. Raitis S Post author ·

        Hey, thanks for the appreciation and sharing the info. I think we will add your request to our theme Backlog. We are collecting ideas for our theme roadmap and are happy for any contribution. Do you think the background should apply to the whole site through Customizer?

  2. Josh ·

    This Starter theme could be of great use to me! Is it possible to remove the page titles? Also, will you be offering the theme through the WP repository?

    Customer Note: If you were to bundle this theme with the VC and offer it through ThemeForest for the right price, I’d buy no doubt (repeat sales too). I love the thought of purchasing a theme done by your group, that specializes in VC compatibility.

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Thanks for the cheer-ups! We do have plans to release it on, the problem is that theme review now takes around 3 months so we will wait for it, but in the meantime will offer it through our channels.

      As for title, right now you can use Custom CSS (WP 4.7 has Additional CSS in Customizer or you can use Custom CSS in Visual Composer) and refer to .entry-title class to set it display: none;

  3. Tibor ·

    Hello, starter theme is a great idea, thanks for it! We have some questions / suggestions:
    1.) Can you make an otion to insert Google Analytics code?
    2.) How to remove copyright texts from footer? (do I have to use a child theme, and edit footer.php?)
    3.) There is an option to use sticky menu. It would be nice to select a sticky logo, or automatically generate a 50% smaller sticky logo.


    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Thanks, Tibor! First of all, Happy New Year and best wishes from Visual Composer team.
      Now to the questions:
      1) We tend to leave such things to the plugins, like Yoast SEO has an option to insert GA code (and we believe that every WP site should have Yoast installed – this is the awesome plugin).
      2) right now this is the only way, but surely something to think about
      3) thanks for this one, totally agree that this could come handy. You would prefer automatically generate logo or option to upload? (a bit afraid that automatic resize can lower quality of a logo)


        1. Raitis S Post author ·

          Thanks, Tibor. WooCommerce is on the list (added to Backlog). We decided to go Lean and release as fast as we could, now with the feedbacks, like yours, it will be more efficient to update.

          1. Jan ·

            Thx. Would love to get rid of the “warning” of woocommerce also 🙂

          2. Raitis S Post author ·

            We haven’t introduced compatibility for Woo Commerce yet, but this is on our list of ToDo. One of the next releases will focus on WooCommerce. Thanks for your request.

      1. Tibor ·

        Hi Raitis!
        I didn’t find any place to insert Google Analyticks Tracking Code. I found Google Search Consol only. 🙁

        1. Tibor ·

          Hello, I forgot to write: in Yoast SEO recommended by you I didn’t find any place to insert Google Analyticks Tracking Code.

          1. Raitis S Post author ·

            Hi Tibor, yes, it seems things changed or maybe I was misleading. Anyway, you should check out this free plugin:

            We will also think about adding the option to add Google Analytics code via Theme Customizer. In general, it should be left to plugins, but it seems that such an essential option is required within theme as well.

  4. Irene Hartfield ·

    I would like more control over the header height and menu placement. I generally like a lot more control (see Woo’s Canvas) than this theme offers. To get my menu to place at the bottom of the header (I have a vertical logo), I had to put in a margin in the CSS. So now when I bring in the browser width for testing, the menu wraps weirdly. It would be nice if the font size and the logo both just were adjusted automatically to fit the browser width and the sticky situation as mentioned by Tibor. The wrapping of the nav menu just doesn’t work for me at all. FYI: the site referenced below is under construction.

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Hi Irene, thanks for your request. I will make sure to book it and see when we can come up with improvements. Does something like ‘Menu position’ in header with options ‘middle’, ‘bottom’, etc. would come handy?

  5. Fred ·

    Hi, I just downloaded this theme this morning and I am testing it for a landing page I am building for a customer. I know it is a new template, but I am wondering if you already have some kind of doc available.
    1) I would like to be able to resize the header height if possible.
    2) Is there any way to add text to the header like Phone Numbers or Social Media Icons like you did for the Footer?
    3) If you check the page I am working on, I have added a Slider Revolution, removed the page title by just leaving it blank for now…I saw somewhere here I could use css to do that, I will try. But If you look at my page, there is a GAP between the Slider Revolution and the Header. Is there a way I can make it be aligned exactly below the header in the Row Settings? I tried to edit the the margins and border to 0 but it did not change anything for the gap between the header and slider nor the gab between the slider row and the bottom row. Thanks a lot

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Hey Fred, thanks for using our theme! We do not have documentation yet, but we are going to work on it asap. It would be awesome if you could take your time and write down things you would like to see in the documentation.
      1) I see, a lot of people are asking for this, so the priority is high for this feature. Thanks!
      2) There is a widget area in the header, next to the menu so you can use some text widget, social widget, etc.
      3) It seems you already removed it on your site, right? I have also added request to our Backlog for the option to remove/hide Page title by default with all the container.

  6. Villouta ·

    Hi. Using the theme and I love it. Can you help me with this please? I don’t want the header (menu and title) and the footer to show. Not in the homepage, not in the blog posts. Im using Visual Composer and I love to have the whole space controlled by me. Is there a custom CSS code to use? Thanks a lot

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Hi Villouta, thanks! We are eager to see where will the theme goes in the future. Now to your question – make sure to switch off Featured Image in Customizer under ‘Theme Options’. Header and Footer, you will need to refer to CSS classes ‘header’ and ‘footer’ and set display: none;
      It will look like this:
      header {
      display: none;
      footer {
      display: none;

      1. Jan ·

        This will hide the header and footer, but there will be still the regarding empty space, isn’t it?

        1. Jan ·

          Ah, sry. No. It’s fine. Just had to leave the Customizer to see it work. Thx. 🙂

  7. Tibor ·

    Hi Raitis,
    1.) I see that there is a theme option: sidebar position (none / left / right). It would be nice to set this option separately for pages and posts in theme settings. Possibility to override these default settings when editing pages and posts will be a heaven itself 🙂
    2.) Have you got any ETA of releasing next version of your cool starter theme?

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      1) Thanks, will consider this one. As for overwriting from specific page/post – yes, this is a must, will look into this.
      2) We are looking into February. Right now we have gathered really valuable feedbacks (yours included, thanks a lot for that) and will see our roadmap.

  8. Martin ·

    Hi Raitis,
    First of all, congratulations on deciding to build a Visual Composer starter theme, I wish you luck and success. I was recently thinking about it, as usually we use VC very often on the websites we develop for our customers, many times by using commercial themes, so I was thinking on searching for a good and clean starter theme that will be adopted specially to VC. Now, what I am interested in is not how to customize the theme header, footer and other options, what I am interested in is how is this theme adopted to VC better than the other ones? 🙂 I think the answer you will give me, should also be included somewhere in your post above as it should be one of the biggest features of your theme. Cheers!

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Hi Martin,
      thanks for the appreciation. We see that sometimes customers struggle to choose a theme and look for a free alternative, so Starter hopefully will become this free alternative that people can use hassle free. We, of course, ensured that Visual Composer and Starter theme fits great without conflicts (and do not disable any functionality as we see this happen in 3rd party themes sometimes). But the true power it will have with a new Visual Composer which is currently in development.

      1. Martin ·

        That sounds exciting. Can’t wait to see it in action. I will definitely follow Starter Theme closely!

  9. jens ·


    i like it a lot. One question though… How can I just display the site title in the header on the left and not the logo of VC, which it defaults to if no logo is uploaded.

    so far i have been commenting out the image in header.php, but this results in the site title coming out completely unstyled, which is too much work.

    how to do it?


    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Hi, Jens, this is a good point. Right now you have discovered the only way to it, but this is something that will go into our Backlog. Thanks for your request.

  10. Tibor ·

    Waiting for next release of Starter theme 🙂
    Don’t you thinking about to sell Visual Composer Developer Licence without Codecanyon?

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Hi, we have set a roadmap for next release and already working on features. Thank you for your contribution. As for the second question, new Visual Composer will be available in a developer friendly manner.

      1. Tibor ·

        New Starter theme and new Visual Composer? Don’t you thinking about to make all of them WCAG compliant? (Accessible, high contrast etc…). You could be the first who give an accessible theme + bilder !

  11. alphabyte ·

    Will be great if the theme will be “ThemeForest Requierments Ready”, so we can use it like a “Theme Starter” to built themes to sell on Themeforest . I think the peopel are more interest to this potion than compatibility.
    What do you think about this idea ?

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      We can think about it, but you should take into account that the end-result (your theme) will have to be GPL as well. ThemeForest does accept GPL products.

  12. Jan ·

    Thx a lot! I like the idea to have a simple but also high configurable theme for VC.
    But I have a problem/question: How to make the menu / header transparent (as described there). I really would like to have a background picture BEHIND the header OR just to be able to not show the header (and using other 3th party plugins to show the menu else where).
    Would be lovely if you can tell me how to make the header transparent, so that the first VC row of a page starts at the first pixel-line (no padding to top of page)

    1. Jan ·

      Okay, not showing the header at all I found your answer right above. Thx. But still would know how to use the header transparent/above the content.

      1. Raitis S Post author ·

        Hi Jan, there is no opacity option so you will need to add a bit of CSS – use Additional CSS in your Theme Customizer and add this CSS code:
        .navbar-wrapper {
        opacity: 0.5;

    2. Jan ·

      Can it be that the Starter Theme is not responsive? In mobile view navigation menu is completely gone…

      1. Raitis S Post author ·

        Hi Jan,

        Starter theme is fully responsive, on a mobile view regular menu is transformed into a sandwich menu. You should make sure that in Theme Customizer you have set a color for the sandwich menu which is different from header background.

  13. Faruk Ozturkmen ·

    Hi, my Visual Composer came with the theme “Opportunity” I’ve purchased. I can not find where the Visual Composer template section in admin . It is not showing under the “Visual Composer ” left hand column in admin. My theme developer is hopeless making any contacts or answering my questions, I can not add or show footer items. I need help please

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Hi, theme authors often make some modifications that affect plugins so this is something to address to theme author of yours. From our side we recommend checking if themes interact with plugin, for example Starter theme does not remove any functionality or affect it in some strange way.

  14. DG ·

    Hey, was looking for a good starter theme to use with VC! I read above under Header and Theme Options: “You can customize your site header by choosing between a standard top and sandwich type menus. Define header width, colors, and position to place it on top of the content or make it transparent.”

    I am trying to have an initial transparent header with a video background, but I don’t see any settings to make the header transparent and able to place on top of a video. What am I missing?

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      Hey, for transparent you will need to apply Additional CSS and refer to the navbar class as there is no opacity controls right now, but we receive such request on and on, so it seems we will need to add it.

  15. Henry ·

    Hi! Visual composer is a great plugin, but 1 big thing was missing… the ability to start from scratch with a beautiful blank page! And nothing on it! Your theme covered this. Thank you a lot!! I’m new in WordPress theme’s world and I have a question about your theme though: how can I remove the VC icon on top-left?? And the space header?? I checked in the customizations options and in WordPress options, but I can’t see a way. I turned off in customization “Reserve Space For Header”, but the white space on top is still there, then I don’t have any logo but the page still show the default logo (VC logo). Can you help me please?

    1. Raitis S Post author ·

      VC icon is a placeholder which you can replace via Theme Customizer by uploading your own logo. As for ‘Reserve space for header’ – it defines if a header is located above on top of the content. I believe you are talking about disabling header as such – this is indeed something to think of. Will add it to our Backlog of ideas.

      1. Henry ·

        Hi Raitis, thanks for your reply. Yes, I get that (VC icon is a placeholder), the problem is: this placeholder is always on. I mean, if I don’t want put my logo there because for example in my layout I want to show it in the middle of my hero fullscreen image then the website will show anyway this placeholder on top of everything…. As other themes are doing I think you should eliminate this logo and leave only the possibility to add there the logo when a real logo is uploaded in the site identity section of theme customizer (domain.ext/wp-admin/customize.php). In this way only the actual logo will be shown and only “if” a logo is uploaded.

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